Aging out of the Home?

Moving A Loved One Into Assisted Care? Here’s What You Need To Know About Selling Their Home

Whether you’ve just begun the caregiving journey, or you’ve been on it for years, one of the most common experiences is having to help your loved one sell their home. At a certain point, in-home care will no longer be sufficient, and an assisted living community or nursing home will be the best option.

If your family member has reached the stage where they will need to transition to an assisted living arrangement, there are things that you can do to make the process easier. The Gorge Realty Group will strive to make this transition a seamless experience. To start, we offer some tips on what you need to know about helping your loved one sell their home.

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Provide emotional support

After accepting that it is best to move out of their home, a flood of emotions can accompany this realization. From feeling sentimental about all of the memories they’ve made in their home to losing most of their independence, this transition will undoubtedly be an emotional one. These feelings can be expressed with anger, stubbornness, sorrow, and withdrawal.

Having this awareness can help you provide emotional support during this challenging time for your loved one. Resist the urge to be reactive, and know that you shouldn’t take outbursts personally. Take on the perspective of this individual, and acknowledge how anxious, depressed, and lonely you might feel if you were in their position. By trying to understand the situation from this perspective, you can more easily tackle any related challenges that arise.

Help them pack and determine where their items should go

Prior to listing your relative’s home, begin the packing process, as it can be quite lengthy. After accumulating a lifetime of belongings, it could take several weeks to several months to sort through everything.

Start by organizing everything into a category. While you may include additional categories, begin with the basics: what they want to sell, what they want to take with them to their new home, what they want to donate or give to family, and what they want to throw out.

Hire an experienced realtor

Selling a home is a much better experience when you enlist the help of an experienced team. Rather than trying to handle everything yourself, work with a real estate agent who specializes in the local market. If your loved one is selling their home in or around the Columbia River Gorge, be sure to reach out to the Gorge Realty Group for a top-tier home selling experience.

Consider using the funds from your family member’s home sale to pay for care

If your family member is unsure as to how they will pay for their assisted living accommodations, consider using the proceeds from the sale of their home to fund their long-term care. To get an accurate idea of how much the home may sell for, research comparable homes that have sold recently in the immediate area. Keep in mind that while the residential real estate market is thriving, the pandemic may impact the eventual list price.

Explore & research all assisted care facilities in your area

While working to sell your loved one’s home, help them focus on selecting the best place to live. Research all assisted care communities in their area, and read all reviews. Encourage your family member to take tours of each prospective community, and actively listen to their wants and needs.

Caregiving while helping your loved one transition to long-term care definitely has its challenges. However, by utilizing the above tips, you can make the process much smoother and easier to handle for both you and your loved one.

Article Written by: June Duncan